What is a CoEngineer? You know them when you see them. They are smart, educated, creative makers of useful things. From architecture to airplanes and the infrastructure upon which society depends, CoEngineers are the primary source of value creation in the new economy.

Dan Robles, PE, MIB

Founder / CEO of IEBC
Member of the BoD CoEngineers

Arie Levy Cohen

Co-Founder & President of IEBC / CoFounder & Chairman of the Board

Kim Allen, P.Eng, MBA

Chief Integration Officer

Thomas Wendling, PE, MBA

Chief Innovation Officer

Michel Santos, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Alicia Seay

Chief Marketing Officer

Darryl Arrington

Chief Information Officer

Dan Schlueter

Senior Software Developer

Randall Pires

Community Organizational Engineer (CoEng)

Brian Zisk

Buzz Maker

Ing. Carlos Gonzalez, PhD

Chief Academics Officer

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