Arup Corporation Blockchain Technology Report

IEBC Consulted and featured pgs 62-63

A Dual Use Case for Blockchain: Infrastructure; Delivery Method and Stable Store of Value

CH2M Technical Memorandum, September 25, 2017; Thomas Wendling P.E./CH2M, Daniel Robles P.E./IEBC,

Reserving for Infrastructure Service Contracts

The Variance Journal, Thomas E. Wendling, PE, Jacobs Engineering Group

BIM+Blockchain: A Solution to the Trust Problem in Collaboration?

CITA BIM Conference 2017, November 2017: Malachy Mathews DIT., Dan Robles IEBC., Professor Brian Bowe. DIT (School of Architecture, Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin, Ireland)

The Revolutionary Blockchain – An Opportunity for Engineering Stewardship

American Society of Civil Engineers Grand Challenge Contest Winner; Best Value – IoT, June 2017, Daniel R. Robles , P.E. and Matthew E. Bowers , P.E. ASCE Presentation Video

Blockchain Technology: Implications and Opportunities For Professional Engineers

National Society of Professional Engineers; 2015-2016 FinTech Task Force; July 2016 Daniel R. Robles, P.E., Chairman Keith Beatty, P.E. William Begg, P.E. John Conway, P.E. David D’Amico, P.E., F.NSPE Mark Davy, P.E., F.NSPE, Rick Ensz, P.E. John Evangelisti, P.E. Bart Hogan, P.E. Bradley Layton, Ph.D., P.E. Tom Maheady, P.E., F.NSPE Robert Uddin, P.E. Chad Williams, P.E.

Insurance: The Highest and Best Use Case For Blockchain Technology

National Association of Insurance Commissioners / Center for Insurance Policy and Research, June 2016 Daniel R. Robles, PE

Curiosumé – Converting the Resumé to Cryptography

Seattle Blockchain Conference June 2015; Daniel R. Robles, The Ingenesist Project

A Model For The International Mobility of Engineering Professionals

Restructuring the University in the NAFTA Era; April 1996 CETYS University / San Diego State University, Daniel Robles Alvarez Facultad de Ingeniería Centro de Enseñanza Tecnica y Superior Mexicali, Baja California, México Research Team: Ing. Juan Andrade Cetto, M.C. Ing. Amalia Garcia Ing. Donald Rodríguez Ing. Bernardo Valadéz, M.C. Facultad de Ingeniería CETYS Universidad, Mexicali y Tijuana Baja California, México