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CoEngineers.io is a validation platform administered by engineers on a native blockchain. The concept is simple; An engineer makes a claim. Another engineer validates the claim. Together, this forms a validated knowledge asset. These knowledge assets may then be arranged to represent any material asset for the purposes of finance, production, maintenance, insurance, etc.

Engineers are almost invisible to society because most things actually work pretty well. Yet 80% of economic growth may be attributed to technological change. The rest of the economy is wholly dependent on engineered infrastructure to support socioeconomic output. CoEngineers.io measures the true value of engineers into existence in a new-to-the-world tradable asset; a cryptographic token that represents true intrinsic value of engineers.

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First Apperance

  • 4 invitations Boeing Technical Excellence Conference
  • 7 appearances at Future of Money and Technology Summit.
  • Keynote SIBOS Innotribe
  • Published Curiosum√©.

2015 - 2016

Formation of the NSPE

FinTech Task force for the National Society of Professional Engineers - Position paper Center for Insurance policy and Research National Association of Insurance Commissioners.


ASCE Challenge

American Society Of Civil Engineers Grand Challenge Innovation Contest winner (2 categories) - Formation of the Integrated Engineering Blockchain Consortium


Blockhaus Partnership

2018 Partnership with Blockhaus Investments AG - CoEngineers.io The First Blockchain Developed by Engineers for Engineers

In Progress


Market entry includes smart cities initiative, municipal planning, real estate, IoT and AI use cases. Token Presale.

November 2018


Mass (M) and Gravity (G) token distribution (TBD)



Beta Release, IEBOK repository, integration and calibration with financial services and insurance services